My name is Becky Pagano; I am a registered nurse and have worked in all areas of obstetrics for more than thirty years. Even after witnessing hundreds of births, I am still amazed and thrilled at the miracle of a newborn baby.

My experience has taught me that pregnancy and birth are normal, natural, and beautiful. Also that a woman's body is capable of giving birth without intervention. However, in the event that intervention becomes necessary, I believe that it certainly never detracts from the wonder and miracle of birth!

Having recently completed the Dona Doula training, I am currently in the process of becoming doula-certified with Dona International. In addition, I am a Trained Hypnobabies Hypno-Doula and I continue to enjoy teaching the following classes: Natural Childbirth, Childbirth Preparation and All About Babies.

My labor and delivery experience, as well as my doula training, have taught me that breathing, movement, and relaxation are all essential in achieving a natural birth. As your doula, I will help you be successful in these areas through the use of movement, body positioning, water therapy, acupressure, massage with essential oils, relaxation techniques, emotional support, and education as you labor toward a safe and joyful birth!

I am committed to lovingly comfort and support women and their families through all types of birth, breastfeeding and the post-partum period. I'm excited to meet you, so that you can determine whether I would be the right doula for you!


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